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  • March 2, 2020

Introducing Brainfuse

Introducing Brainfuse

Introducing Brainfuse 1024 683 LA County Library

Introducing Brainfuse

Our Newest Online Learning Tool

Brainfuse, an on-demand, anytime, anywhere, eLearning module, is the latest addition to our online learning services. Brainfuse offers cardholders of all ages and levels free access to live, online tutoring, job help, and career and other skill building resources. On Monday, July 1, this brand-new service replaces the former, which is no longer available with an LA County Library card.

Around the clock (24/7), Brainfuse offers real-time help from 2,600 tutors across the country. Its HelpNow feature provides students live tutoring in various subjects such as math, science, reading/writing, and social studies, all based on California state standards. Real-time help is also available for adults via the Adult Learning Center, which offers live guidance on various subjects at basic, intermediate, and advanced levels, tips on using software like Microsoft Office, and even citizenship test preparation and guidance. JobNow connects users with powerful tools for career building and professional growth such as live job coaching and real-time interview practice.

And learners of all ages can get 24/7 help. Brainfuse’s Skill Server offers self-study resources including practice tests (PSAT/SAT, ACT, AP, and state standardized tests), articles, practice sheets, and videos. The Career Prep and Job Resources section includes practice tests for various careers, including Nursing, Police, and ASVAB. Its Writing Lab provides feedback on writing style and structure, and a similar Resume Lab that helps jobseekers prepare for their job search. Foreign Language Lab helps teach Spanish and Mandarin, and includes a live-help option.

Brainfuse provides many ways to learn, including electronic flash cards that can be turned into different games, the option to set up virtual study groups, and resources for ELL and ESL learners.

Now, you can get all the tools and resources Brainfuse has to offer. All you need is your LA County Library card, pin number, and an internet connection. You can use Brainfuse from home, school, and even the Library.

Check it out today!

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