Books by Mail

Books by Mail

Books By Mail is a free service of the LA County Library. It is offered to residents that are homebound, persons in convalescent homes, and rural residents in the LA County Library service area. Eligible residents may request up to four books at a time. A library card is not required and shipping is free.

To Order Materials:

  • Make your selection of titles from the Books By Mail Catalog.
  • Complete our form with your name, address, book number, and title and author information.

When you Receive Materials:

  • Save the shipping bag and mailing label.

To Return Materials:

  • Please return the materials within one month.
  • Place the books in the reusable shipping bag.
  • Reverse the mailing label.
  • Place the shipping bag in the mail.

If you have further questions about Books By Mail, please call: 661.948.2410


Books by Mail Catalog

  • Books to Order

    You can order up to 4 books at a time from the Books By Mail Catalog. Please locate the book number (ex. SS-1), title and author.
  • ex. SS-5
  • ex. Lee Child, Bad Luck and Trouble
  • Questions? Book By Mail can be reached at 661.948.2410.