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Laptop & Hotspot Loans

Laptop & Hotspot Loans

Laptop & Hotspot Loans 150 150 LA County Library

Laptop & Hotspot Loans

Borrow a Chromebook and Wi-Fi hotspot to access the internet.

Do you know anyone without internet or a computer at home who would benefit from borrowing them—to apply for jobs, access homeschooling resources, or simply stay connected to information?

You can now check out a kit with a Chromebook and wireless hotspot to access the internet (plus chargers) inside a handy carrying case, from any Sidewalk Service location.

Please call any Sidewalk Service location to place a hold on a Laptop & Hotspot Loan Kit. Borrow for 3 weeks, with the option to renew, if available.

If you are looking for a job and need a laptop kit with a longer checkout period, please visit our Work Ready page for more information.

Please note: Laptop & Hotspot Loan Kits require a full access card to check out. Call your nearest Sidewalk Service location for details about signing up or upgrading your digital card.

Funding for this project has been provided by the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act.

Frequently Asked Questions

Laptop & Hotspot Loan FAQs

1. Who can check out a Chromebook kit?

Adults with a standard adult library card in good standing will be able to check out a Chromebook kit at a participating library.

2. How do I check out a Chromebook kit?

Requests for Chromebook kits can be made using our online catalog or over the phone, like any of our other materials. At this time requests are site-specific and can only be placed at libraries offering the service (listed above). Call a library offering the service to arrange a same-day checkout, if kits are available.

3. When can I pick up my Laptop & Hotspot?

Call the owning library and arrange to pick up your kit during Sidewalk Service hours.

4. How long can I keep the Laptop & Hotspot Loan? Can I renew?

The kits can be borrowed for 3 weeks. If no other customers are on the waiting list, the checkout can be renewed up to 3 times. The renewal needs to be made before your checkout period ends.

5. How do I return the Chromebook Kit?

Chromebooks must be returned in person to the owning library during Sidewalk Service hours. They cannot be returned in the bookdrop. They cannot be returned to any library other than the one where the kit was checked out. Please call the owning library to arrange a drop-off time and call again once at the library to alert staff. Staff will bring out a box labeled Laptop Return to the Sidewalk Service table. You’ll be instructed to remove all items – the Chromebook, the wireless hotspot, and both charging cables – from the carrying case. Put the case into the box first, on the bottom, and then put all other items in on top. Staff will check the box to make sure all items are inside and that they look fine. All items will be quarantined for 4 days and confirmed to be working properly before being checked in. Staff will contact you if there are any questions or concerns. Please remember that the loan will still show on your account until the quarantine and check-in process is complete.

6. Are there late fees?

While fees for overdue materials were eliminated as of August 10, 2021, the Library encourages customers to return Chromebooks by their due dates. The Chromebook will become disabled once the loan period has ended.

7. Will I be charged if the Chromebook is damaged while in my possession? How much?

Yes, fees will depend on the type of damage.

8. Will my documents stay on the Chromebook after I return it?

All documents are deleted once the Chromebook is shut down. This will happen even during your 3-week checkout period, so we advise you to back up your documents on a flash drive or in Google Docs if you are working on something you want to keep.

9. What programs will be included on the Chromebook?

  • Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • DocuSign
  • Google Calendar
  • Google Drive/Docs
  • Skype
  • WordPress
  • Internet

10. Does the Chromebook include the internet?

A wireless hotspot device is included when you check out the Chromebook. This will give you access to the internet.

11. I don’t have a printer. Can I print things through the library?

Yes, you can use our Wi-Fi printing service on the borrowed Chromebook and send your documents wirelessly to any library that offers Sidewalk Service. Or, send a document to a library that is open for inside service and print your document inside through self-service printing. Customers receive 10 free pages per day of open library service.

12. Will library staff provide an orientation on the technology when I check it out?

A basic instruction sheet will be provided explaining how to turn on and connect the equipment. If you have further questions, please call your local library.

13. I am not good with computers. Will Library staff help me use the Chromebook or answer technical questions?

Library staff is able to provide basic help with your computer—like how to turn it on, connect the wireless hotspot, or how to locate programs. For help, please call your local library.