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  • December 21, 2021

New Year, New Skills

New Year, New Skills

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New Year, New Skills

As the new year rolls around, calendars become flooded with New Years Eve parties, trips, and, for many, new year resolutions. Once the excitement of watching the ball drop ends and the fireworks fade, it’s time to dive into those new years goals. These resolutions can vary from eating more healthy and traveling, to sharpening certain skills in different ways.

Our plethora of online resources, ranging from work and career videos packed with tips and tricks, to tools for job seekers, are at your disposal to help you meet your goals in 2022.

Dive into Inspirational Reads
Needless to say, our libraries offer a variety of books that can help inspire you to pursue your interests in the new year. From motivational books to business, self-help, and many others, there’s something to cater to every type of aspiration. Access our expansive collection by visiting your nearest library or check out our expansive collection of ebooks and audiobooks on Overdrive.

Learn New Skills or a New Language
Stimulate your mind and boost your confidence by sharpening your knowledge on a variety of topics. Do you want to learn how to use Microsoft Excel or maybe you want to finetune your grammar? From graphic design tips and tricks to health and wellness, there are several Online Learning resources filled with thousands of free online classes to help you cultivate a new skill or even a new language.

Support Your Professional Development Growth
If you’re wanting to hone in on your resume and interviewing skills, our Work and Career videos are a great resource. From public speaking tips to lessons on creating a video resume, our videos are chalk-full of useful information aimed at helping you perfect your skills as a job-seeker.

Hone Your Job Seeking Techniques
Our professional resources don’t stop at videos. Our website features a variety of tools for job seekers. Linkedin Learning and EBSCO’s Learning Express Test Prep are two of the many available resources. There is also a variety of other useful resources such as job boards and a link to file for unemployment.

Deciding to sharpen your skills takes time and dedication. Now is a great time to start making plans to achieve your goals. Our huge variety of free tools are here to help you to put your best foot forward and succeed every step of the way!

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