• June 26, 2019

Congrats, Graduates!

Congrats, Graduates!

Congrats, Graduates! 1024 683 LA County Library

Congrats, Graduates!

Career Online High School Graduation Ceremony & Celebration

graduation classThis year, we applaud 89 graduates—our largest class ever—for completing our Career Online High School (COHS) program and earning their high school diploma and a career certificate of their choice.

graduate with familyTo mark this momentous occasion, a graduation ceremony, our fourth annual, was held on June 29 at the scenic Quiet Cannon in Montebello. 51 graduates donned caps and gowns and accepted their diplomas in front of an audience of family and friends, while another 38 graduated in absentia.

graduate with familyCOHS is a self-paced, accredited online high school program for adults ages 19 and over, offered to cardholders for free by LA County Library. In addition to an accredited high school diploma, graduates receive a career certificate, including options like child care and education, food and hospitality, transportation services, and more. Since the Library launched the program in 2016, 144 adult learners have graduated.

“Having earned their high school diplomas, these graduates are now better prepared to find a job, advance their career, or continue their education,” said Library Director Skye Patrick. “This wonderful program is a great example of how the Library changes lives in a very big way.”

The application process for COHS includes an online self-assessment, pre-requisite course, and in-person interview with Library staff. Once enrolled, each student is paired with an academic coach, who offers ongoing guidance, evaluates performance, and connects the student with the resources needed to master courses. Students can complete the program in 18 months or less.

Learn more about COHS and apply today!


lining up for graduation ceremony grad with family

Photos by Monica Almeida

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