• April 19, 2020

OverDrive Lucky Day

OverDrive Lucky Day

OverDrive Lucky Day 1024 683 LA County Library

OverDrive Lucky Day

The Lucky Day collection, a new feature on OverDrive, is now available for eBook readers

It’s your Lucky Day!  We are excited to offer a Lucky Day collection to our customers and address one of their main concerns – long wait times for popular titles.

Our most in-demand eBooks on OverDrive, including bestsellers, national book club selections, and blockbuster authors, are now part of a special collection of books that are available to check out for 7 days.

Lucky Day eBooks of hot titles are available for immediate, first-come, first-served checkout. You can checkout 2 Lucky Day copies at a time. Lucky Day eBooks cannot be renewed.  If you are not able to finish in time, or if you are not able to check out a Lucky Day copy, you can still add yourself to the hold list for the regular eBook edition.

Lucky Day is available whether you’re using your web browser, the OverDrive app, or the Libby app. Visit OverDrive Lucky Day to view the collection.

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