• June 28, 2023

Muslim American Heritage Month

Muslim American Heritage Month

Muslim American Heritage Month 1024 683 LA County Library

Muslim American
Heritage Month

Can you tell me more about Muslim American Heritage Month?

Muslim American Heritage Month celebrates the contributions of Americans of Muslim heritage to the United States from its founding through the present day. More than 65,000 Muslim Americans make up one of the ten largest religious groups in Los Angeles County.

Muslim Americans identify racially as white, black, Asian, and Arab in roughly equal proportions with more than half born in the US. Many Muslim Americans pursue the American dream and contribute to the nation’s economy as business owners and entrepreneurs. Their service to the community and country is often motivated by the values of their faith, which are: care, compassion, and concern for humankind. These are major themes found in the Quran.

Muslim American contributions to arts, culture, science, engineering, and medicine have inspired, expanded understanding, and enhanced the quality of life for all who live in the US.

How is LA County Library commemorating Muslim American Heritage Month?

In support of the County of Los Angeles Board of Supervisors’ Proclamation of July as Muslim American Heritage Month, explore the booklist below with titles for children, teens, and adults. Our digital resources allow you to explore the Muslim American culture by streaming music through Freegal, watching movies and films on Kanopy, and learning languages with Mango.

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