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Mindfulness Tips

Mindfulness Tip Sheets

It is normal to feel stress and anxiety during an event such as a pandemic, so check out these tips and resources designed to help kids, teens, and adults maintain their mental well-being during times of high stress.

Mindfulness Tips for Adults
Mindfulness Tips for Parents and Children
Mindfulness Tips for Teens

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Adult 101: Mindfulness

The Community Resiliency Model

The Community Resiliency Model is a science-based system, which focuses on the biology of the human nervous system. There are common human reactions to stressful or traumatic events that have effects on the mind and body. Since the model is based on human biology, it helps individuals and communities have a perspective shift, they shift from seeing reactions to traumatic events as human weakness, to seeing them as a biological process.

Introduction to the Community Resiliency Model
Christian Brown discusses strategies from the Community Resiliency Model, created by the Trauma Resource Institute, a non-profit organization focused on creating trauma-informed and resiliency-informed individuals and communities internationally.

Additional Resources
Trauma Resource Institute
iChill App

Community Resiliency Model: Tracking
This video will cover Tracking, one of the Community Resiliency Model wellness skills. Tracking is the ability to identify the sensations you feel in your physical body during times of wellbeing and times of distress.

Community Resiliency Model: Grounding
This video will cover Grounding, one of the Community Resiliency Model wellness skills. Grounding is the direct contact of the body or part of the body with something that provides support in the present moment.

Community Resiliency Model: Resourcing
This video will cover Resourcing, one of the Community Resiliency Model wellness skills. In this video, we will practice using external, internal, and imagined resources to bring us back to our zone of wellbeing.

Community Resiliency Model: Gesturing
This video will cover Gesturing, one of the Community Resiliency Model wellness skills. In this video, we will discuss the five types of gestures we can use to return to our resilient zone when feeling stressed or anxious.

Community Resiliency Model: Shift & Stay
This video will provide a quick Community Resiliency Model review and cover the last wellness skill, “Shift & Stay.” We will also create “Self-Care Plans” that can help us maintain resilience in the future.
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