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If You’re Reading This

Trent Reedy

Genre: Fiction, Action, Autobiography, Fantasy

Reviewed by Cristian

Overall it’s a good book. It’s about a kid that plays football and his dad has passed away from the army. Now the kid lives with his mom. The mom has been very depressed that the dad is not around anymore. Now the kid that goes to high school wants to play football, but the mom doesn’t let him because his mom is afraid that his son’s grades might drop. The boy always remembers things about his dad.

Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda

Becky Albertalli

Genre: Contemporary Fiction, Romance

Reviewed by Sydney

A gay teenager falls in love with an anonymous gay teen online. Perfect, right? Nope. Simon, the protagonist, is being blackmailed which makes it hard for him to actually be with the boy he meets online. This book is witty and romantic. It’s perfect.

After The Snow

S.D. Crockett

Genre: Fiction, Action, Thriller, Adventure

Reviewed by Zachary

After The Snow is a very good book. This book is about a winter that never ended in the future. The main character, Willo, is a boy who is not documented by the government and his clan. His sister Alice. that is only 14 years old, had a baby with a 40-plus-year-old man named Geraint that has papers and had always traded with Willo’s dad. One day, his clan was gone after he came back from a trip. But he has one friend which is the skull of a dog that talks to him in his head. When he finds a house and takes all the food from the camp, he runs into a brother and sister that were abandoned by their parents and are starving and their house is surrounded by a pack of wolves. I liked this book because it was like a real-life situation that can happen, but I don’t like the speech in this book; it was weird. I do recommend this book to others.

Balcony on the Moon: Coming of Age in Palestine

Ibtisam Barakat

Genre: Nonfiction, Autobiography

Reviewed by Samantha

Ibtisam Barakat is a Palestinian award-winning author who in this book writes about her life from the second grade to the end of her high school years. Balcony on the Moon is a companion to the first book she wrote called Tasting The Sky: A Palestinian Childhood which I have not read, but hope to soon. Ibtisam’s memoir starts off in 1971 when she is just seven years old living the aftermath of the Six-Day War. She goes through many obstacles in life including moving to five different houses with her family, fearing for her narcoleptic father’s life, and almost being forced to marriage at a young age. Ibtisam is a young girl who loves education, looks for it everywhere she can, and believes it should be for everyone. She is smarter than most girls and believes freedom is a right and not a privilege. At 12 years old, she shows us once more her persistence when she fights for her right to work. Ibtisam is not afraid to speak her mind about gender equality and often quotes from the Declaration of Human Rights to back up her claim. Balcony on the Moon shows how Ibtisam’s fight to show the world what she is capable of as a woman, and her search for opportunities, has made her into the person she is now.


Evan Angler

Genre: Fiction

Reviewed by Julian

Storm is about Dome hunting the Dust and the 3 members in that group Peck, Logan, and Erin. Once they know they are being hunted, they leave to Sierra City with Hailey Phoenix, hoping to avoid arrest by the Dome. As they are trying to escape, Erin gets a horrible fever when she should have been vaccinated but she didn’t want to. My own personal opinion on the book is that it’s a very great book and a real page turner. I liked it because it always keeps me guessing what is going to happen next. I do recommend this to people because it is a very great book.

Star Wars: Darth Vader and the Ninth Assassin

Tim Siedell

Genre: Science Fiction

Reviewed by Matthew

I really enjoyed this book however the story is a little too short; I see that a lot in graphic comic novels. Another thing about the book was that it was lacking at times and also a little confusing at first, but it was still a good one. The main character of the book is Darth Vader, and in the book someone hires an assassin to kill Vader, but Vader has to investigate a moon that destroyed a spaceship. I would rate this book a 3 out of 5.


Alecia Whitaker

Genre: Fiction

Reviewed by Angelina

Bird Barret is a young country music star, who grew up on the road singing back up on her family’s bluegrass band. She fell in love with the music industry, and one night Bird took her father’s role as the lead singer and in the audience, a scout was blown away with her talent and offered to have her own spotlight. Her dream was to become a singer so she took the opportunity. Soon she came to realize how much work becoming a singer actually was with responsibilities such as songwriting meetings, recording sessions, and shooting videos. When her first single hit top 20, fans and paparazzi were around every corner. Even her longtime crush, Adam Dean, who is also a musician, started to take notice in her. With her music getting noticed, it took a toll on her career and her traditions.

The Fever Code

James Dashner

Genre: Fiction, Science Fiction

Reviewed by Alexis

The Fever Code by James Dashner is a young adult science fiction novel and is the fifth book in The Maze Runner series. The book is about kids living inside a place called WICKED headquarters helping to find a cure to a deadly disease called the Flare and how they’re helping to build the maze. Throughout the story, the characters learn to trust each other and go through various experiences that help strengthen their bonds. The main characters are Thomas, a small boy taken from his home who is immune from the flare, Teresa, a smart girl with a very special power that is also immune from the flare, Minho, a rebellious boy who plans on escaping WICKED who is immune as well, and Newt, a boy who misses his sister and wants to be reunited with her. I think The Fever Code is a great book, I really enjoyed how relatable the characters were and how the characters developed after events happened. I also enjoyed the way they present everything, for example they present the characters so well that you can predict what they’ll say or do just because of how they presented their personalities. I recommend this book to all my friends and to everyone who likes science fiction books. I’ve read all of the books in The Maze Runner series and this is one of my favorite books from it and if you haven’t read the series I would recommend reading it. I also recommend reading the other books in the series before this one because this is the fifth and last book in the series. I think the cover is excellent and goes with the format of all the other the covers in the series, also it was a pretty accurate reflexion of the contents. Overall, I would rate The Fever Code 4 out of 5 because it is a great book that I am glad I read.

Wild Grace

Max Lucado

Genre: Contemporary

Reviewed by Genaro

This book “Wild Grace” by Max Lucado is about big pressures, choices and a bigger future. You wonder if you are able to keep up. Sometimes you wonder if you even measure up. This book is intended for young readers like me, teenage students starting high school and all the pressures that come with growing up. In this book you will find questions that will make you think and reflect about your life and your future. Max Lucado shares different stories to prove what grace is and how it touches people’s lives. He reflects back to the stories using verses of the bible. The one story that caught my attention was about a girl named Shannon, as she drove to school on the third day of her junior year she was distracted and ran over a lady on a bike. She found grace by being forgiven by the husband of the lady she had killed. Max Lucado liked to use many different examples of people’s wrong doing and how they were forgiven by grace. In my opinion, this book is good for those that have religious beliefs and are looking for guidance about the pressures in life and how grace can change them.

Dead City

James Ponti

Genre: Fiction, Action, Horror

Reviewed by Paige

Molly Bigelow used to think she was a normal girl. I mean, there was nothing strange about her, if you don’t count that she goes to MIST, a school for gifted people and that she occasionally likes to hang around the morgue from time to time; but it’s not her fault, that’s how her mother trained her. See, Molly believed that she was just like any other student, except for the minor fact that she was training to be a zombie-hunter. That’s right, math and science weren’t the only tests she had to pass. She was training to stay alive while other girls were learning pirouettes and grand jetés. Her mother had secretly been training Molly for the terrifying reality that lays beneath New York City, a city full of living dead who are growing restless with their “living” state. In my opinion, I believe this book is one of the best fiction stories I’ve read by far. I love that it keeps the reader on their toes, you don’t know what’s coming next until it’s already happening. I also enjoy the relationship between the characters; it’s not the average high school love story, they are actual friends that argue and disagree at times. Though, there were times the story fell a little short on detail and explanation, but overall I found no problem with it. I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good gory zombie with some details left to the imagination. I’ve read the complete series composed of two more exciting adventures Molly has with her friends, both living and dead. I do recommend reading the other two, but one issue I find is that it once the series is over, it’ll leave you wanting more. I would rate this book a 4/5; it’s better than most books I’ve read.

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