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Your Name. Another Side: Earthbound

Arata Kanoh

Genre: Fiction, Mystery, Adventure

Reviewed by Celeste

This book is about a high school girl named Mitsuha Miyamizu who lives in a small village with her younger sister and grandmother. One night while she was sleeping she switches minds with a boy named Taki Tachibana. This happens randomly every few nights while they are both sleeping. This story will go into four stories, or chapters, each changing into different point of views from different residents of Mitsuha’s hometown Itomori. Through these times when they switch minds Taki will have to act and pretend to be Mitsuha for a day.

Ready to Fall

Marcella Fleischman

Genre: Fiction

Reviewed by Jackie

When Max Friedman’s mother dies of cancer, instead of going through what happened, Max imagines that her tumor has taken up space in his brain. It’s separating him from family and distracting him in school. With the tumor in charge, Max collapses , going farther and farther away from reality.

Finally, his dad sent him to a private school called Baldwin School to regain himself. He joins a group of theater misfits in a steam-punk production of Hamlet where he becomes friends with Fish, a girl with pink hair and a stressful past, and The Monk, an edgy upperclassman who refuses to let go of the things he loves. For a while, Max almost feels happy. But his tumor is always coming back to him. Until one night it knocks him down and Max is forced to face the truth, not just about the tumor, but about how hard it is to let go of the past.

If Only

Carole Geithner

Genre: Fiction

Reviewed by Angelica

The book I’m reviewing is called “If Only” by the author Carole Geithner, and the total number of pages is 327, it’s realistic fiction and not part of a series. This book is about a young girl name Corinna who recently lost her mom from cancer and writes her difficult challenges in her journal. She lives with her dad who tries his best to make Corinna’s life normal as if her mom was still with them. Corinna will experience some problems in life that a mom should be there for. I like the book because I can relate to the problem of losing someone special and that it can connect to the people who read it. I dislike some characters that the author portrayed because they feel to real and makes me too mad. My thoughts on the book is that it’s sad to know that Corinna was at such a young age when she lost her mom. I would recommend this book to my friends and anyone who has lost someone. This is a book that can really show the world how special someone really is to you. I like the cover because it shows Corinna alone with her journal that appears to be written in and she’s looking outside the window. I would rate this book a 5, which is hard to imagine a better book because I feel people can really learn from this book and it can really connect to the reader. It’s also has a good message that people can learn from. I’m sure if people read this book they will love it as well.


Watt Key

Genre: Action, Thriller

Reviewed by Eddy

Hideout has to be one of the most interesting books I have ever read. It makes you suspenseful of what’s going to happen next. I was totally shocked at the ending of this book. I recommend this book to teens because you may have some things in common with some of these characters.

Catching Fire

Suzanne Collins

Genre: Fiction

Reviewed by Joshua

It was a really good book—it got my attention from the beginning. The plot is more intense and looks into the heart of mankind and human nature. I felt I got more of a feel for the characters and their backgrounds. The suspense and terror of an evil government had me at the edge of my seat; the worst was when Gale gets whipped. It very descriptive and gruesome.
The way people die are very gruesome as well. I couldn’t put the book down. As for Katniss and Peeta being rich and taking a victory tour, they are seen as a threat and as leaders of the rebellion to seek justice. At times, the book was a little dark and depressing, but I think that’s what made me reading. All in all, a large region was destroyed, but nobody in Katniss’s family is killed. Awesome book!

The Scarlet Letter

Nathaniel Hawthorne

Genre: Fiction

Reviewed by Mealani

The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne is a standalone book. This book follows the character Hester Prynne, a young lady that wears her sin on her chest. Her sin is in the form of a red “A” stitched on the chest of her dress with beautiful gold trimming. Hester has been unfaithful to her husband and which is why she bears the scarlet letter, but what the people of the town don’t know is who the man she had the affair with is. She’s given the chance to say who the man was and in return be freed, but she declines the offer whenever she’s given it.

In my opinion this book is really good. The way the author describes the events that’s happening to Hester and the way she is perceived is amazing. Instead of describing things in a normal, typical way, Nathaniel writes as if giving everything character and emotion. I really enjoyed reading how Hester and the people and things around her were described. Although I enjoyed the writing style quite a lot, I didn’t like how it felt that the story was dragged along. At some points the story wasn’t interesting and I had to push myself to get through the chapter. It also felt as though there were too many fillers and could have gotten to the climax faster.

Of Mice and Men

John Steinbeck

Genre: Fiction

Reviewed by John

The book that I have decided to discuss is Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck. The book is a stand-alone book that is a total of 187 pages. The book is fictional but it is a realistic fiction book rather than unrealistic.
Of Mice and Men follows the tale of George and Lennie in California during the Great Depression. George is a smart, uneducated man and Lennie is a large, mentally disabled man. Both are traveling looking for new jobs due to losing their old ones when Lennie was accused of rape after touching and holding onto a young women’s dress. They finally settle on a farm, with hopes of saving enough money to buy their own farm where Lennie can have rabbits to tend to. The book then follows the events after them arriving at the farm.
This book can be boring if you just read through it but if you pay attention to the significance behind it, it becomes more interesting. This is a tale about the truth of the American dream. The book was written when the American dream was being advertised as something everyone could achieve. This book shows that you could stay on the path to the American dream, but it only applies to the few. If you do not fit that mold you will never achieve it no matter how hard you work. I like that the book focuses on this theme because it can be still applied to today. Some people have an upper-hand when it comes to the American dream, while others will forever be pining over it. I would recommend this book to people who are deep thinkers and those who look for a deeper meaning behind things.
The cover of this book is simple, it is only a silhouette of George and Lennie by a tree. Since it is so simple it does not really represent what is in the book, a complex story of two men. I neither like nor dislike it, but I do think that there is nothing special about it. When it comes to ratings, I would give Of Mice and Men a four out of five.

The Deathday Letter

Shaun Hutchinson

Genre: Fiction

Reviewed by Mario

The book is named The Deathday Letter. It was written by Shaun David Hutchinson with 240 pages in the book. It’s a fiction title with themes of death, friendship, and dating. This book is not a part of a series although I wish it was because I would have loved to read a part 2. There are three main characters: Oliver Travers, Shane Grimsley, and Ronnie. Oliver wakes up one morning, walks down stairs and is told by his parents that he has received a Deathday letter which means he will die in twenty four hours. So Oliver and best friends, Shane and Ronnie, do things Oliver wants to do before he dies. Things do get awkward because Ronnie is also his ex-girlfriend. I really like this book; it’s good for teens. I like the fact they are teens so they do things teens would do and things that you need to be a certain age to do. The book shows strong friendship and drama, and those friendships are another thing I like. I don’t like one thing in this book and that is the fact that they are indecisive on what they want to do. This book inspired me to do things that I am too lazy to do. I would recommend this book to my friends because unlike me they would know some of things Oliver and his friends do. The cover does reflect on what the book is talking about because Oliver shows the letter to a lot of people because he wants to do things he is underage to do. I rate this book a five if you understand what they are doing or talking about, but if not, don’t bother with this book since you won’t like it. The beginning of this book is boring in my opinion, but if you just stick to the book and continue reading the book it will get good. Also if you want to read the book you have to understand what it means to be a teenage boy, if not you will feel disgusted. So in the end, I really did enjoy this book and I would read it again someday.

Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment

James Patterson

Genre: Fiction, Action

Reviewed by Jacob

My opinion on this book is very good; it really caught my eye once I started reading because it starts off really good and smooth and then all of sudden it gets right into the action. They start revealing new characters that kinda have weird names, but you get towards the middle and these characters all have a unique sense of humor. I like how the author put a strange twist to the characters by making them all bird people that can fly. It is really cool because you don’t see that a lot in books. Most of the time they have like super powers but these kids are different, they can fly and they also are really strong and I cant wait to finish the book.

Treasure Island

Robert Louis Stevenson

Genre: Action, Adventure

Reviewed by Angel

When an old pirate staying at his family’s seaside inn dies, young Jim Hawkins discovers that he left behind a map showing the location of buried pirate treasure. When Jim shows it to the local squire, he buys and outfits a ship and, with Jim and the local doctor, they set sail to seek the treasure. But the dead pirate’s shipmates, led by the charming and magnetic Long John Silver, want the treasure too, and they will stop at nothing to get it—including infiltrating the crew.

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