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Check out these reviews written by our teen customers! We love hearing what you think–if you are in grades 7 – 12 and want to review a book you’ve read, submit your review. New reviews are posted monthly.

Devils Within

S.F. Henson

Genre: Fiction, Thriller

Reviewed by Elizabeth

When Nate Fuller was eight he had stabbed his first victim, by eleven he earned his red laces. Nate finally gets a chance of starting a new life at the age of 15. Nate moved to a new town with new friends but his only problem is his past. Nate had to learn how to control his anger since he shouldn’t unleash it like before. But he gets to live a normal life just like any other teen would. His uncle who doesn’t have any trust in him, also despises Nate because of his past. Little does Nate know that their pasts are very similar. This book is great since I’ve never read anything like this. It shared great detail on his past and how it affected him to the point it was difficult for him to function in society. You are able to read on how Nate wants to be a better person and how he has refrained himself from acting out in violence. I would recommend this book to anyone that wants to read psychological fiction. When I first picked this book up I was very confused on why there were red laces on the cover. But I knew that once I read this book sooner or later, I would figure out what those red laces represent. When I finally found my answer I was shocked on how you wouldn’t think that the red laces would represent anything like that. But the red laces on the cover go very well with the book. I would give this book five stars since it’s very well written with great detail. When reading this book it gives you great imagery on what Nate is either feeling or going through.

All That I Can Fix

Crystal Chan

Genre: Fiction

Reviewed by Ashley

Ronney, a teenage boy in high school, no longer cares about his father who tried to commit suicide or the wild animals that escaped from the zoo and are just roaming around his town. The only things that Ronney does care about is his crush George and his little sister Mina who he wants for her to stay small and innocent from his dark reality of the world. However, things change when George starts to date Ronney’s best friend, Mina starts to realize her father wanted to end his life, a mystery kid asks Ronney for help to find a runaway brother, and Ronney’s dad who has fallen into depression and has been locked in his room for years finally comes out to try to get closer to him. All That I Can Fix tells an incredible story of how a teenage boy who lost all hope can find friends and overcome his fears to regain hope again. This book can relate to so many teenagers that have problems with their families and I guarantee that it will bring a smile to their face. This book shows that no matter how hard life can get or if you feel like everything is against you, there will always be a light in the darkness to shine your way out.

Paper Towns

John Green

Genre: Fiction, Mystery, Adventure

Reviewed by Jewellysa

This book is about a boy named Quentin and his dream girl, Margo. It is their last week of being seniors in high school and Margo decides to go on an adventure with Quentin. It caught Quintin by surprise because the last time they talked they were nine years old. Margo and Quentin had a fun night with their pranks, until the day after Quentin found out that Margo went missing. Margo left all these different types of clues for Quentin to find her. So he went on a search for her and realizes Margo is not the person he thought she was.


Elie Wiesel

Genre: Nonfiction, Biography

Reviewed by Vincent

Everyone lives a different life, some have it easy, some have it hard, the ones who fight through the hardships is what separates the brave from the cowards. Hardships could be unimaginable to those who might have the easy way in life, because they live a completely different lifestyle or they are not close enough to experience terrifying tragedies. For example those who did not live in Germany or close to Germany during the late 30s early 40s cannot begin to imagine the terror of the Holocaust. In Night, by Elie Wiesel, Wiesel deeply expresses his feelings in the Holocaust throughout unusually vivid experiences, the specific time framed by war, and the time centered around how life was in the concentration camps during the Holocaust to create a well written memoir.
Wiesel’s choice of descriptive words helps create an image in the reader’s mind. At the time of the book where Mrs. Schachter is screaming about the flames she sees from afar. “Look! Look at this fire! This terrible fire! Have mercy on me!” Mrs. Schachter is crying loudly about the flames that she sees through her eyes and she is trying to warn the other Jews, but they do not believe her, because they cannot see the flames through their eyes. When Mrs. Schachter says, “Have mercy on me!”, “mercy” is a very powerful word, because although the Jews have done no wrong, Mrs. Schachter knows there is terror coming and she is pleading for a blessing among herself along with the other Jews. Later in Night when they finally arrive at the concentration camps, Wiesel explains the horrid sights of the hangings. Wiesel had just finished witnessing the hangings and he was now questioning if there was even a God amongst them because if so, God would never let such terrible events happen to innocent people.

To Kill a Mockingbird

Harper Lee

Genre: Fiction

Reviewed by Jairo

To Kill a Mockingbird is a book that gives you amusement, happiness and thrill. Scout lives with her brother, Jem, and their widowed father. They live in a town called Maycomb in Alabama. The town of Maycomb is suffering due to the Great Depression. Atticus, the father, is a lawyer and the Finch family is better off than the rest of the society. One summer, a boy called Dill came to live in the neighborhood. He only came in the summer. Jem and Scout along with Dill, were the best trio. One day, Dill became fascinated with the spooky house the neighborhood called the Radley place. The house was owned by Mr. Nathan Radley and his brother, Arthur, or best known as Boo. They never came out of house—only for really necessary things.
Scout goes to school for the first time. Jem and Scout find gifts and left him in a knock hole on a tree on the Radley house. A year passes and Dill returns the following summer. Jem and Scout begin to make story about Boo Radley. Atticus puts a stop on the story making and told them to look at life in a different perspective. On Dill’s last day in Maycomb, he sneaks in into the Radley property. When he enters the property Radley shoots them.
The book is a really good book. It shows you life lessons and different point of view in life. I like how throughout the book, life leassons role out and open your eyes into a new perspective and you look at the situation at a whole new point of view.
The cover is not the best cover there is. I rate this book 4 out of 5. It’s one of my favorite books that I have read in a really long time.

The Diary of a Young Girl

Anne Frank

Genre: Nonfiction

Reviewed by Jocelyn

The book I’ve been reading is “The Diary Of a Young Girl: The Definitive Edition” written by Anne Frank, containing 335 pages and is categorized in the genre of nonfiction and is not part of a series. This book is about a young Jewish girl named Anne Frank, living during the time of World War II, giving you an inside look of her life while the war occurred. Anne and her family knew it was not safe to be out knowing they could be taken away and sent to awful camps, so they decided to go into hiding where they hope no one will ever find them. She briefly explains the most interesting part of her day even if it’s a good day or the worst day. Her diary is the one place she puts her deepest thoughts and feelings in, giving the book life and giving the reader a whole different perspective of someone else’s life. This has been one of my favorite books by far because of the true emotions she put into writing this and I liked how it gave deep quotes. In some occasions it gives me laughter, but there’s times when you read a part that is awful to know it actually happened and it makes me feel bad people actually had to go through that. I would totally recommend this book to anyone who wants a better inside look of our past. I liked that they put a picture of Anne as the cover because it’s her diary, and it is an accurate reflection of the content. Sadly, it’s not part of series, but if it was, I would totally consider reading them. Overall, I would rate this a 5 because I can’t imagine someone else being her age and doing what she did on a daily basis, especially being incredibly strong as much as she was.

Jumping Off Swings

Johanna Knowles

Genre: Fiction, Romance, Fantasy

Reviewed by Paola

“Jumping off Swings” is a novel by Knowles that is based on a girl named Ellie who hooks up with a couple of different people and ends up being pregnant. She always believed that there would be more to it than just the sex. When she’s with them, she feels loved. Ellie’s recent hook up was with a guy named Josh. Josh is a baseball player and lives in a troubled home. He’s desperate to lose his virginity so his “friends” could get off his back. Him and Ellie meet at a party and he then leads her to the backseat of his van. After their “one-time thing”, Ellie finds out that she is pregnant. She’s not sure of what do to with the baby, but has her best friend Corinne right by her side. Caleb’s mom becomes aware of Ellie’s secret. Ellie then asks her to go take her to get an abortion, but wasn’t able to go through with it. She decides to give birth to the baby, but will give it up for adoption instead. When the time comes for Ellie to deliver the baby, she asks to see her baby boy before she gives him away. Now that she no longer has the baby, everyone goes back to their normal lives.

The Maze Runner

James Dasher

Genre: Fiction, Mystery

Reviewed by Alexis

Thomas and a group of teenagers are trapped in a maze, not knowing their names or having any memories. They work on trying to find a way out of the maze and work together using the maze runner. Thomas and a Girl named Teresa both change the rules and have some memories of what happened, but they try hard to not make the others worry. The others fear them and worry about Thomas and Teresa because they feel threatened on not having things stay the same. This book is part of a series and also has a movie adaptation.

No More No Name

Tim Tingle

Genre: Fiction

Reviewed by Saul

No More No Name is about Bobby Byington, a basketball player who finds ground and friendship with a rival. Bobby got in a car crash because his dad was a drinker and now that his dad stopped drinking everything changed for Bobby. Bobby met his neighbor, Faya, a white girl who recently moved to Tulsa from North Carolina. Lloyd Blanton, the white boy who’s filled in as point guard, is ready to cede his place to Bobby. The story is about Bobby and his girlfriend Faya. Faya gets bullied by a schoolmate and a team member gets abused by his alcoholic father. Together with the coach, Cherokee teammate Johnny and his parents, Bobby works to give Lloyd the support he desperately needs. Faye’s bullying at the hands of the school’s mean girl is a little less well-developed, but provides Bobby with one of his best lines: “I am about to break Rule Number One for every high school student… I am about to seek the advice of an adult.” What I liked about the book was that it was about a sport I really don’t like reading about, but this book caught my eye. The cover was in good detail and didn’t ruin the book. I would rate this book a 3.

Ice Kissed

Amanda Hocking

Genre: Fiction, Adventure, Fantasy

Reviewed by Brianne

The book, Ice Kissed, takes place in a fictional land called Trylle. The main character, Bryn, is a guard protecting the Kanin Kingdom. She is put on call along with her on and off boyfriend, Ridley, to find the missing Skojare princess that was kidnapped by a man named Konstantin. While trying to find the princess, their love grows stronger and eventually, they find the princess. The only problem is they can’t find out why she does not feel safe in her own home. Bryn and Ridley split up and Bryn must find out what is happening behind the walls of the kingdom along with her friend Kasper.

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