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Join LA County Library Director Skye Patrick for Trailblazers in Conversation, a dialogue series featuring politicians, authors, community organizers and other trailblazers who are making a difference in our community.

Previous Conversations

Trailblazers in Conversation with Travis Yee

Trailblazers in Conversation:  Travis Yee
In celebration of Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Island Heritage Month, Library Director Skye Patrick and rising Asian American country music singer, Travis Yee, discuss Asian American identity and representation in mainstream media and music. Get an insightful glimpse into the challenges, triumphs, and passion that is fueling Travis’ musical journey.
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Trailblazers in Conversation with Mychal Threets

Trailblazers in Conversation:  Mychal Threets
We celebrated National Library week with a special edition of Trailblazers in Conversation featuring Mychal Threets, viral librarian and literacy advocate. Mychal and LA County Library Director Skye Patrick discussed his journey from working as a librarian to social media fame, establishing a collaboration with PBS Kids, and so much more.
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Trailblazers in conversation with Fesia Davenport

Trailblazers in Conversation:  Fesia Davenport
Delve into the dynamic world of leadership, innovation, and community impact with Fesia Davenport, visionary CEO of Los Angeles County. Fesia’s trailblazing efforts have not only transformed Los Angeles County but have also set a new standard for leadership excellence. You’ll be inspired and informed by the unique perspectives and experiences shared during this conversation.
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Trailblazers in Conversation with Emily Hanford

Trailblazers in Conversation: Emily Hanford
Emily and Skye discuss our nation’s literacy crisis, the science of reading, and the investigative journey Emily embarked on to understand how reading is taught in many schools today. Be sure to listen in as this talk is sure to inform and inspire you!
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Trailblazers in Conversation

Trailblazers in Conversation: Uchennna Nwosu
Skye Patrick and Seattle Seahawks Linebacker Uchenna Nwosu discussed sports, youth education, community engagement, and the new My Brother’s Keeper Peer Advocate program he is supporting at Carson Library for the next three years. This conversation is sure to inspire you!
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Trailblazers in Conversation with Lindsey Horvath

Trailblazers in Conversation: Supervisor Lindsey P. Horvath
3rd District Supervisor Lindsey P. Horvath joined Library Director Skye Patrick for a thought provoking conversation about equity, access to housing, homelessness, and intellectual freedom, Supervisor Horvath shared her perspective on how we can address the complex issues impacting Los Angeles County residents today.
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Trailblazers in Conversation with Pyet Despain

Trailblazers in Conversation: Pyet DeSpain
On May 18th, season 1 winner of Next Level Chef, Pyet DeSpain, discussed Native American cuisine and culture with Library director Skye Patrick. Pyet’s life’s work is dedicated to Indigenous Fusion Cuisine where she combines the food of her heritage — both Native American and Mexican American, and it was a fascinating conversation.
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Trailblazers in conversation with David Brownlee & Skye Patrick

Trailblazers in Conversation: David Brownlee 
On April 6, customer service expert and author, David Brownlee and Library Director Skye Patrick discussed how the customer service industry has been impacted by the pandemic and how it is currently adjusting to a post-pandemic world. We hope you’ll take a listen to this informative conversation

Trailblazers in Conversation June 2022 Featured Image

Trailblazers in Conversation: Supervisor Holly J. Mitchell
On June 13, Supervisor Holly J. Mitchell joined Library Director Skye Patrick for a special Juneteenth edition of Trailblazers in Conversation. It was an informative and engaging conversation about racial justice and LA County’s efforts to build back equitably after the pandemic.
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Trailblazers in Conversation with Sheila Kuehl

Trailblazers in Conversation: Supervisor Sheila Keuhl
On October 26th, Library Director Skye Patrick had the pleasure of speaking with Supervisor Sheila Kuehl as part of LA County Library’s first Trailblazers in Conversation virtual chat series. The event shed light on Kuehl’s continued passion for equity, inclusiveness and equality for all in LA County. Asking the sought after questions, Skye dug deep into the accolades of Kuehl covering various highlights from her early TV star years to now touching on her current time as a supervisor for the LA County Board of Supervisors. A champion for the LGBTQ+ community, Kuehl became a founding member of California Legislative LGBT Caucus while also being the first openly gay person elected to the LA County Board of Supervisors. Kuehl’s tenacity and drive has led her to where she is today, making a difference within her community.
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Trailblazers in conversation featured

Trailblazers in Conversation with 5th District Supervisor Kathryn Barger
On May 2, 2022, Supervisor Kathryn Barger and Library Director Skye Patrick discussed the nation’s mental health crisis and the efforts LA County is making to support legislation and advocacy for LA County residents and vulnerable communities.
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Trailblazers in Conversation featuring Patrisse Cullors

Trailblazers in Conversation: Patrisse Cullors & Angela Davis
In “An Abolitionist’s Handbook,” artist, author, and organizer Patrisse Cullors charts a framework for how everyday activists can effectively fight for an abolitionist present and future. Filled with relatable pedagogy on the history of abolition, a reimagining of what reparations look like for Black lives, and real-life anecdotes, “An Abolitionist’s Handbook” offers a bold and humanistic approach to how to be a modern-day abolitionist. On January 27, 2022 Cullors virtually discussed her latest work with political activist, scholar, and philosopher Angela Davis. The program was moderated by LA County Library Director Skye Patrick.
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Presented in partnership with California African American Museum, the talk was preceded by a performance from Versa-Style Dance Company, a non-profit organization and dance ensemble that consists of committed and conscientious artists representing the diversity and beautiful complexity of Los Angeles. They seek to empower underserved and marginalized groups worldwide through the movement and culture of Hip-Hop dance by creating groundbreaking concert dance works that represent messages of diversity, inclusion, and equity, both on stage and within our communities.
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