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Teen Resources

School is suddenly out, you’ve been told not to mix or mingle with anyone outside your home (practice social distancing, please!), what’s a person to do? Check out this list of resources available to you from the comfort of your own home.

READ: Download an eBook or audiobook. We have thousands of books for you to choose from! Find a recommended book on one of our booklists and write your own book review.

CREATE/MAKE: Go through old magazines and collage, draw, paint, sew, learn to knit, write a story, write a song, write a screenplay, write/illustrate your own graphic novel, cook/bake, or pick up a new hobby and take a class about it! Download free music to listen to while you learn new skills or work on your art.

MOVE/DO: Get some (social distancing) time outside! Take a quiet walk, sign up for an online yoga class, or become an urban farmer. While you are enjoying some social distancing time outside, photograph plants and animals that you see and upload your observations to iNaturalist.org.

LEARN: This is a great opportunity to learn something new. Watch a documentary, take an online class, learn a new language, keep your study skills sharp, and prep for college entrance exams. School will be back in session before you know it!

BE STILL: Learn to meditate & practice mindfulness. Search our online courses for classes on meditation, mindfulness, relaxation, and more. Learn to keep a mindfulness journal or download a free app with guided stress relief meditations like this one from Smiling Mind or this one from iChill.

LEND A HAND: We’re all in this together. Practice social distancing by inviting friends and neighbors to join you in a cup of tea (or a bowl of ice cream!) via FaceTime, Google Hangouts, or through social media. Check in with your parents or guardians to see how you can help them out. Offer to watch your younger sibling or volunteer to cook dinner for the family. The adults in your home would probably appreciate the break.

TEEN LINE: Teen Line is a confidential hotline that operates nightly, connecting youth who text and email to teens trained in crisis response. Youth may continue to contact Teen Line via text and email from 6-9 PM (PST) nightly.

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