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  • January 30, 2020

Participate In Take Your Child to the Library Day

Participate In Take Your Child to the Library Day

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Let’s Go to the Library!

Participate In Take Your Child to the Library Day

February 1 was Take Your Child to the Library Day and we wanted to showcase some of the opportunities that LA County Library offers for you and your children to connect.

Libraries not only offer resources and guidance, but also a welcoming safe place that supports the entire family for lifelong learning. Strong family bonds are essential for a child’s growth and development and when children and adults learn, choose books, participate in programs, and navigate resources together they create stronger skills and relationships. Reading together as a family or community is one of the ways children and their caretakers can connect, with programs like Smarty Pants Storytime offered at every LA County Library location. Programs at the library can help enhance a child’s learning outside of school, from Parenting Tips and Support for Parents to our Kid’s Corner.

LA County Library also offers programs, events, and resources for growth and learning at any point in a child’s lifetime, from birth to adulthood. Family Friendly Events embrace entire families where adults, children, and teens can interact together while learning something new and having fun! Attending library events also gives you and your child a chance to meet your neighbors and engage with community members, developing important social links and a spirit of exploration in a trusted environment. Check out your local library or the events page for more you and your child can do at the library.

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