• July 1, 2021

Summer Travel

Summer Travel

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Summer Travel

There are all kinds of ways to travel this summer! Whether you’re hopping on a plane to go abroad, getting in the car for a road trip, or exploring locally, it’s up to you to decide what feels right and is safe for you and your family. Whatever you decide, remember what a friendly neighborhood superhero once said—with great power comes great responsibility. The onus is on us to keep ourselves and the people we come into contact with safe.

Do Your Research

One way to keep safe while traveling, is by adhering to current CDC guidelines. Their site not only has recommendations for vaccinated and unvaccinated travelers, but also safer travel tips, health notices, and a handy travel planner. Going international? They also have COVID-19 travel recommendations by destination, listing risk assessment levels by country.

Map It Out

Planning a trip? Check out our catalog for recently published travel guidebooks before you go! Prefer reading on your device or listening to your books? We have hundreds of travel books in OverDrive for you to check out.

Travelling by car with the whole family? Preparing things ahead will help make long trips as enjoyable as possible. Check out our Positive Parenting Tips video on travelling in the car with kids.

Inspire Your Wanderlust Spirit

We also have lots of suggestions for taking a trip this summer from the comfort of your own home. All you need is your library card!

  • Get connected to a different culture by learning a new language on Mango!
  • Watch popular world cinema on Kanopy and Passport to the World (Passeport pour le Monde) films on Hoopla.
  • Looking for reading recommendations that will take you around the world? Subscribe to our Armchair Travel booklist and receive a monthly list of what’s new in travel writing covering every corner of the globe.

And check out these books and movies that will transport you to other places, times, or even universes!

Whatever you decide to do this summer, have a safe trip!

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