• February 27, 2019

Ready Rosie

Ready Rosie

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Family Engagement Tips

Turn daily activities into learning opportunities with ReadyRosie videos

mother and baby playing with blocks

Learning starts at home, and LA County Library is excited to offer free family engagement tips, powered by ReadyRosie, a digital program that emphasizes early educational development, promotes kindergarten readiness, and helps parents turn daily activities into learning opportunities with short videos.

Parents and caregivers can register to receive weekly activity ideas curated to help them connect with their children, while simultaneously helping kids get ready for school and formal learning— language learning activities help encourage early verbal and literacy skills, while math content helps teach youngsters how to count. In addition to the weekly tips, parents can access a whole database of parenting resources via ReadyRosie app, simply by signing up with an LA County Library card.

The first 5 years are important for the development of a child’s brain. All of the parenting video content offered through ReadyRosie is research-based and standards-aligned, ensuring that the activities featured are mentally stimulating, while positively impacting not just school readiness, but also kids’ social and emotional awareness. These quick and easy activities will help your child learn and thrive!

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