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  • January 21, 2021

Creative Virtual Programs with LACMA

Creative Virtual Programs with LACMA

Creative Virtual Programs with LACMA 150 150 LA County Library

Creative Virtual Programs with LACMA

We’ve partnered with Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) to bring virtual arts programs to our communities, featuring LACMA Teaching Artists and staff.

Creative Storytelling (for Kids)

Watch these workshops that pair an art piece in the LACMA collection with a picture book. The artwork and book are then brought to life through a variety of expressive art activities based on an artist in focus and a theme, lead by a LACMA Teaching Artist.

Creative Careers: Museums and the Arts (for Kids & Teens)

Ever wanted to learn about the art-related careers that exist in creative places like museums? These videos feature LACMA staff, who will discuss what they do and the journey they took to get there, opening viewers’ minds to the many possibilities for the future.

Creative Storytelling Workshops

Civic Engagement: Protest Poster
Featuring the art of Shepard Fairey
Book Pairing: Giant Steps to Change the World by Spike Lee and Tonya Lewis Lee

Cultural Identity: Paper Crown
Featuring the art of the Yoruba Peoples
Book Pairing: Yo Soy Muslim: A Father’s Letter to His Daughter by Mark Gonzales

Cultural Identity: Special Object Representing Your Culture
Featuring the art of the Egyptian Scarab
Book Pairing: Fry Bread: A Native American Family Story by Kevin Noble Maillard

Celebrating Female Artists: 2D/3D Dream Box
Featuring the art of Allison Saar
Book Pairing: The Flying Girl: How Aida de Acosta Learned to Soar by Margarita Engle

Celebrating Female Artists: Expressive Paper Sculptures
Featuring the art of Karen Koblitz
Book Pairing: Pocket Full of Colors: The Magical World of Mary Blair, Disney Artist Extraordinaire by Amy Guglielmo

Materials and Meaning/Recycling: Recycled Relief Paintings
Featuring the art of Noah Purifoy
Book Pairing: Building Our House by Jonathan Bean

Materials and Meaning/Recycling: Nature-Inspired Assemblage Sculpture
Featuring the art of Maura Bendett
Book Pairing: Ocean Meets Sky by Terry Fan

Patterns in Art and Nature: Patterned Paper Textiles
Featuring the art of Peruvian Textile
Book Pairing: Simon at the Art Museum by Christina Soontornvat

Patterns in Art and Nature: Shadow and Light Drawings
Featuring the art of William Lesch
Book Pairing: The Night Gardener by Terry Fan

Technology: Textural Compositions
Featuring the art of Aaron Siskind
Book Pairing: Love, Z by Jessie Sima

Technology: Mesmerizing Spinning Art
Featuring the art of Jennifer West
Book Pairing: Spacebot by Mike Twohy

Creative Careers Events

Katherine Unger, LACMA Teaching Artist
Learn about how museum teaching artists create engaging activities and lessons connected to museum exhibits and collections. Photo courtesy of Maria I. Ramos.

Dr. Omar A. Alcover-Firpi, Content Specialist for Mobile Programs
Learn how Content Specialists develop interactive resources as well as protocols for mobile classes, and how they are incorporated into several aspects of museums.

Yosi Pozeilov, Senior Imaging Specialist and Photographer
See what it’s like to be a photographer for a museum and how art conservation is documented using digital imaging.

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