Gun Violence Awareness

Secure Your Firearms. Secure Their Future.

Father and hugging sleeping chiildLast year, more than 1200 people in Los Angeles were impacted by gun violence. Gun Violence Awareness Month was created to be a beacon of awareness, illuminating the impact of gun violence on our communities.

LA County Library, in partnership with the Office of Violence Prevention, is committed to fostering social connection and healing through curated resources and programming.

Throughout June, we invite you to explore our recommended reading materials, thought-provoking viewing options, and other resources designed to promote understanding and empathy while we work together to create safe spaces that address harm, trauma, and the far-reaching effects of violence.

As part of our commitment to safety, LA County Library is offering free gun locks at our five Tool Lending Library locations. This initiative empowers residents to take proactive steps towards preventing accidental firearm-related incidents and help keep our loved ones safe.

Join us in raising awareness, fostering healing, and promoting safety during Gun Violence Awareness Month.

Gun Lock Distribution Program

In collaboration with the Office of Violence Prevention, LA County Library is committed to promoting gun safety through a free gun lock distribution program.

Gun locks are available at our 5 Tool Lending Library locations: Compton, Lancaster, Norwalk, Rosemead, and San Fernando.

  • Each household may receive up to 2 free gun locks along with essential gun safety education materials.
  • No personal information, including name, identification, telephone number, or library cards, will be required.
  • LA County Library prohibits firearms and weapons of any kind at any library location. Do not bring a firearm to the library to receive a gun lock.

Together, we can take proactive steps towards ensuring the safety of our families and neighborhoods. Visit us to pick up your free gun locks and learn more about responsible gun safety practices, or go to lockedandunloaded.org to have a lock shipped to you.

National Gun Violence Awareness Month logoWear Something Orange

In January, 2013, high school student Hadiya Pendleton was shot and killed on a playground in Chicago. Hadiya’s childhood friends commemorate her life by wearing orange, the color hunters wear in the woods to protect themselves and others. Now, observed nationally each year on the first Friday in June through the weekend, wearing orange symbolizes support for increasing awareness around gun violence prevention.

More Resources

woman streaming moves on tv

Kanopy: Stream movies, documentaries and television programs covering a variety of violence prevention topics.

Office of Violence Prevention (LA County) logo

Find gun safety information and resources at the Office of Violence Prevention.

looking up at a tree

Learn about The Storytelling Project, survivor stories collected by the Office of Violence Prevention, Department of Arts and Culture, and Creative Strategist Artist-in-Residence Olga Koumoundouros.

Gun Lock Program FAQs

Do I need to give you my personal information?

No, the County is not asking anyone for any personal information to receive a gun lock.

How old do I have to be?

18 years of age or older.

How much do the gun locks cost? Is there a fee?

The gun locks are FREE. There are NO FEES or NO COSTS to receive gun locks.

How many free gun locks can I have?

Currently, there is a limit of 2-gun locks per family because there is a limited supply of gun locks for all of Los Angeles County.

Can I have a gun lock even if I don’t own a gun?

Yes. Absolutely, no questions asked. You can also give the lock to anyone that you know who owns a gun.

Why is the County giving free gun locks?

Los Angeles County is giving free gun locks to help prevent accidental shootings and suicides.

The Department of Public Health and the LA County Office of Violence Prevention are giving free gun locks to ensure that communities in LA County are safe and free from death, injury, and trauma caused by gun violence.

Do I need to have or show my library card?

No, you do not need a library card. If you have a library card, you do not need to show your library card.

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