Checkout a Kindle Reader

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Checkout a Kindle Reader


Welcome to a New Way to Read…

Have you walked into a library and wished you could check out more books than you could possibly carry? Check out a Kindle Paperwhite at participating libraries with a collection of titles that you are sure to enjoy. Each Kindle has been loaded with expert-selected books.

You don’t need internet access – all the books are pre-loaded onto the Kindle so you are ready to read.

  • Three week checkout
  • Renew up to 3 times, as long as no one else is waiting
  • Must be 18 or older (or under 18 with parent permission)
  • eBooks cannot be added to this device by user

How do I get one?

  • Visit a participating library to check out or place a hold on a Kindle Paperwhite. Kindles are not sent to other libraries for pick up.
  • Note: Selection of genres varies per library. Click on a library below to see the list of genres.

Library Locations with eReaders

Click on the library to view list of genres available.

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All LA County Library locations are closed until further notice. Get more information on available library resources and assistance for those affected by COVID-19.

Select libraries will reopen for sidewalk service holds pickup starting Monday, June 8.

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