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TYTT Volume 6

fairy tales
Fairy Tales 1024 683 LA County Library

Fairy Tales

A white bandage covered my dad’s eyes as we sat in the ophthalmologist’s office. “Your father is legally blind, Miss Huang.” read more
roberto Volume Six
Heart of Roberto 1024 683 LA County Library

Heart of Roberto

The rain came down hard and fast on the September morning my family held the funeral mass at St. Mary’s in Whittier for my uncle Bobby. read more
the rabbit died
The Rabbit Died 1024 683 LA County Library

The Rabbit Died

Two months into my senior year of high school “the rabbit died.” I had never heard that expression before, but when the doctor returned to the examination room, and used the phrase, I realized I was pregnant. read more
Savannah St. 1024 683 LA County Library

Savannah St.

When I walked into the funeral that day, I wasn’t going to go say goodbye to a loved one. I didn’t even shed a tear. read more
Somos America Mural
Pórtate Bien 1024 683 LA County Library

Pórtate Bien

The acceptance letters arrived from five California universities. My mother beamed but I dared not share the news with my father. read more
Alice 1024 683 LA County Library


“Where are we going? I’ve never been down this way before…” read more
United States Air Force logo
Three Four One 1024 683 LA County Library

Three Four One

That first night away from home was the hardest. I lay on my cot and cried silently as I stared at the ceiling in the dark. I asked myself repeatedly what I was doing in San Antonio, Texas, 1,300 miles from East L.A., sleeping on a strange bed in a strange dormitory packed full of strange bald guys. read more
Entrepreneur 1024 683 LA County Library


I knew something was wrong before we left. Eduardo and I were planning a Vegas getaway. Alex would remain at home. read more
not the way I once believed
Not The Way I Once Believed 1024 683 LA County Library

Not The Way I Once Believed

The airport in Havana is a collection of small, hot buildings, about a quarter mile apart and surrounded by large fields. read more
hard not to say goodbye
Hard Not To Say Goodbye 1024 683 LA County Library

Hard Not To Say Goodbye

The family was scattered in a half-moon circle on the grounds of the cemetery. Spring and roses filled the air along with weeping. Two hundred people stood looking down at a pink and gold casket. read more
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