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June / July 2018 Collection Spotlight

Here are some great titles for your reading and viewing pleasure as selected by the staff of Collection Development Services. Selections include children’s picture books and fiction about a whale that lives in a fishbowl, the dog who must save the boy he loves, and a prison breakout that brings fear to the town’s residents. Nonfiction for kids include books on saving wild pandas, animals that are no longer endangered, and about a deep sea dive in the 1930s. The A/V selections include two TV series on DVD. Teen fiction includes a story about a missing friend and trying to stay true to oneself. Adult fiction includes a novel about a retirement home for writers and a look at urban Native American life. Adult nonfiction selections look at a the New York mafia’s influence on America, Toltec wisdom to tap into one’s hidden power within, and recipes from Cuba. Spanish nonfiction selections help provide information on starting a business and retirement preparation.

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 Whale in a Fishbowl book jacket

Whale in a Fishbowl by Troy Howell

Wednesday is a whale who lives in a fishbowl smack dab in the middle of a city--it's the only home she's ever known. Cars whizz around her and people hurry past; even the sun and moon circle above. But if she leaps high enough out of her bowl, Wednesday can see it: a calm bit of blue off in the distance. When a girl in a paisley dress tells Wednesday, "You belong in the sea," the whale starts to wonder, what is the sea?

Picture Book

 Good Dog book jacket

Good Dog by Dan Gemeinhart

Brodie was a good dog. And good dogs go to heaven. Except Brodie can't move on. Not just yet. As wonderful as his glimpse of the afterlife is, he can't forget the boy he left behind. The boy he loved, and who loved him in return. The boy who's still in danger.

Children's Fiction

 Breakout book jacket

Breakout by Kate Messner

Nora Tucker is looking forward to summer vacation in Wolf Creek--two months of swimming, popsicles, and brushing up on her journalism skills for the school paper. But when two inmates break out of the town's maximum security prison, everything changes. Doors are locked, helicopters fly over the woods, and police patrol the school grounds. Worst of all, everyone is on edge, and fear brings out the worst in some people Nora has known her whole life.

Children's Fiction

 Camp Panda book jacket

Camp Panda by Catherine Thimmesh

Roughly a thousand years ago, an estimated 23,000 pandas roamed wild and free through their native China. But within the past forty years, more than fifty percent of the panda's already shrinking habitat has been destroyed by humans, leaving the beautiful and beloved giant panda vulnerable to extinction. Despite the seemingly insurmountable odds--poaching, habitat destruction, pollution, human overpopulation, and global climate change--the panda is making a comeback. How? By humans teaching baby pandas how to be wild and stay wild.

Children's Nonfiction

 Back from the Brink book jacket

Back from the Brink by Nancy F. Castaldo

This informative book highlights the American bison (declared the U.S. national mammal in 2016) and six other endangered species that were saved from the brink of extinction because of the critical role they play in their environments. Reasons for their near extinctions were varied: some were overhunted (gray wolves, whooping cranes, American alligators, American bison), while others were devastated by pesticides (bald eagles), lead poisoning (California condor), or by alien species (giant Galápagos tortoises).

Children's Nonfiction

 Otis & Will Discover the Deep: The Record-Setting Dive of the Bathysphere book jacket

Otis & Will Discover the Deep: The Record-Setting Dive of the Bathysphere by Barb Rosenstock

On June 6, 1930, engineer Otis Barton and explorer Will Beebe dove into the ocean inside a hollow metal ball of their own invention called the Bathysphere. They knew dozens of things might go wrong. A tiny leak could shoot pressurized water straight through the men like bullets! A single spark could cause their oxygen tanks to explode! No one had ever dived lower than a few hundred feet...and come back. But Otis and Will were determined to become the first people to see what the deep ocean looks like.

Children's Nonfiction

 Will & Grace: The Revival book jacket

Will & Grace: The Revival

Season One. A decade after their unforgettable eight-season run, comedy's most fabulous foursome is back.


 Kung Fu: The Complete Series book jacket

Kung Fu: The Complete Series

From Kwai Chang Caine's first days as 'Grasshopper' to encounters that test his grasp of the wisdom and warfare of the ancients, follow the adventures of the Old West's most unusual hero.


 Monday's Not Coming book jacket

Monday's Not Coming by Tiffany D. Jackson

After spending the summer with her grandmother in Georgia, Claudia returns to Washington, D. C. ready to take on 8th grade with her best friend Monday at her side. But Monday doesn’t call, doesn’t text, and doesn’t show up for school. The stories Claudia hears from Monday’s family don’t match up, so Claudia begins her own quest to find her friend, uncovering heartbreaking secrets along the way. A compelling read for teens who like their plots ripped from the headlines.

Teen Fiction

 Not the Girls You're Looking For book jacket

Not the Girls You're Looking For by Aminah Mae Safi

Lulu is biracial, and often feels caught in-between two worlds: due to her father’s Arabic heritage, some her classmates treat her like a terrorist, but she’s considered too American by her father’s Iraqi family. Still, she’s been navigating the muddy waters of high school pretty well with her three best friends by her side – until a disastrous party where secrets, miscommunications, and harassment by a male classmate combine to sever the bonds between the four friends. Teens who like their main characters smart, snarky, and brave will want to be along for the ride as Lulu works to stay true to herself while piecing her world back together. (Downloadable versions)

Teen Fiction

 The Bar Harbor Retirement Home for Famous Writers (and Their Muses) book jacket

The Bar Harbor Retirement Home for Famous Writers (and Their Muses) by Terri-Lynne DeFino

When famous novelist Alfonse Carducci becomes the newest resident of The Bar Harbor Retirement Home (AKA “the Pen”), he hopes that being surrounded by old friends (and former lovers) will allow him to live out his few remaining days reminiscing about the glories of his wild, bohemian life, while ignoring the pain and guilt caused by some of his past choices. He never expects that his interactions with Cecibel, an orderly hiding from her own demons, will revive his passion for writing – which, in turn, will inspire other residents who thought their best work was behind them. A great choice for book clubs and for fans of films like Quartet and The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.

Adult Fiction

 There There book jacket

There There by Tommy Orange

There There follows the lives of 12 Native Americans as they prepare for the Big Oakland Powwow. Each character has something important riding on the event. Edwin is going to meet his father for the first time; Dene is trying to complete the oral history project his uncle began before he died; Tony and Orlando hope to score big and pay off their debts. Using raw, honest prose, Tommy Orange explores what it means to be an “Urban Indian,” and how the past – from centuries of oppression and repression, to a single, personal choice – indelibly marks the present and shapes the future. Sherman Alexie gave There There a rave review, writing “You might think I’m exaggerating, but this book is so revolutionary – evolutionary – that Native American literature will never be the same.”

Adult Fiction

 When the Bullet Hits Bone book jacket

When the Bullet Hits Bone by Lisa Pulitzer

An enthralling full-access account of the life of a notorious mafioso intimately involved in the Lufthansa Heist, rampant government corruption, and the death of a pope. Anthony Raimondi has been a gangster for much of his life, beginning when he was just thirteen years old. He served as a top enforcer to the Colombo family for more than three decades. Taking readers into the epicenter of the Colombo syndicate, When the Bullet Hits Bone offers a stunning portrait of the high-watermark of the New York mafia families. Equal parts chilling and compelling, this is a one-of-a-kind look into the life of a notorious hitman and the crime families that controlled not just New York City, but also far more of the nation than perhaps anyone but them ever realized.

Adult Nonfiction

 The Three Questions: How to Discover and Master the Power Within You book jacket

The Three Questions: How to Discover and Master the Power Within You by Don Miguel Ruiz

The beloved spiritual teacher builds on the message of his enduring New York Times and international bestseller The Four Agreements with this profound guide that takes us deeper into the tradition of Toltec wisdom, helping us find and use the hidden power within us to achieve our fullest lives. (Downloadable version)

Adult Nonfiction

 Cuba: The Cookbook book jacket

Cuba: The Cookbook by Madeline Vazquez Galvez and Imogene Tondre

Cuban food is known worldwide for its blend of bright colors and intense flavors. Cuba: The Cookbook is the first book to celebrate and document comprehensively its cuisine and contemporary food culture. Collected by those who best know the entire Cuban culinary landscape, the 350 home-cooking recipes in this compendium explore the country's myriad traditions and influences - from Spanish to Soviet to Chinese - through recipes for appetizers, rice dishes, fish, meat, vegetables, egg dishes, desserts, and more.

Adult Nonfiction

 Emprender un negocio para dummies book jacket

Emprender un negocio para dummies by Colin Barrow

This book covers all the aspects of starting a business from creating a business plan to laws and regulations. Este libro cubre todos los aspectos sobre como comenzar un negocio, desde crear un plan de negocios hasta leyes y regulaciones.

Spanish Nonfiction

 Jubilación para dummies book jacket

Jubilación para dummies by José María Carrascal

This resource helps retirees navigate their new life. It covers: planning for retirement, maintaining health, managing finances and enjoying free time. Este recurso ayuda a los jubilados a navegar en su nueva vida. Cubre: planificación para la jubilación, mantenimiento de la salud, gestión de las finanzas y disfrutar del tiempo libre.

Spanish Nonfiction