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Feb/March 2018 Collection Spotlight

Here are some great titles for your reading and viewing pleasure as selected by the staff of Collection Development Services. Selections include children’s picture books and fiction about learning to be brave, familial responsibility, and fleeing a civil war. Nonfiction for kids include a biography on a “dragon doctor,” searching for facts, and learning about opposites. Our A/V selections include music from the Black Panther movie and newly released Jimi Hendrix songs. Teen fiction includes a harrowing wilderness fight for survival story and a haunting story of three sisters on a quest for revenge. Adult fiction includes a continuation of a family saga from author Marisa de los Santos and a fantastical alternate history. Adult nonfiction includes a memoir of a Jane Austen superfan, pressure cooking Indian food, and the multibillion dollar success of hip-hop three kings. Spanish nonfiction include English communication for different jobs and a 200 interview question preparation book.

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 Be Brave, Little Penguin book jacket

Be Brave, Little Penguin by Giles Andreae

Pip-Pip, the littlest penguin, is teased for being afraid of the water until, with his mother's guidance, he finally jumps in.

Picture Book

 The Journey of Little Charlie book jacket

The Journey of Little Charlie by Christopher Paul Curtis

In the aftermath of his father's death, Little Charlie agrees to accompany Cap'n Buck, a plantation overseer, north in search of fugitive slaves in order to satisfy the family's debt. Also available in: eBook and eAudiobook.

Children's Fiction

 Escape from Aleppo book jacket

Escape from Aleppo by N. H. Senzai

After Nadia is separated from her family while fleeing the civil war, she spends the next four days with a mysterious old man who helps her navigate the checkpoints and snipers of the rebels, ISIS, and Syrian armies that are littering Aleppo on her way to meeting her father at the Turkish border. Also available in: eBook.

Children's Fiction

 Joan Procter, Dragon Doctor: The Woman Who Loved Reptiles book jacket

Joan Procter, Dragon Doctor: The Woman Who Loved Reptiles by Patricia Valdez

A fascinating picture book biography of a pioneering female scientist--who loved reptiles!

Children's Nonfiction

 Dinosaur Detective's Search-and-Find Rescue Mission book jacket

Dinosaur Detective's Search-and-Find Rescue Mission by Sophia Guerrive

Jump aboard the red airplane with Dinosaur Detective and travel the world in search of lost animals. From the jungle to the stormy sea to outer space, test your spotting skills in this puzzle-packed tour of a dozen different destinations.

Children's Nonfiction

 Night and Day: A Big Book of Opposites book jacket

Night and Day: A Big Book of Opposites by Julie Safirstein

Brightly colored, rough-edged silhouettes of objects and animals highlight a range of opposing words in this large-format book. Flaps, pop-ups, and other interactive elements help clarify each term and sometimes introduce secondary concepts.

Children's Nonfiction

 Black Panther: The Album book jacket

Black Panther: The Album

Music from and inspired by the Marvel film Black Panther, curated by seven-time Grammy Award-winning artist Kendrick Lamar, who appears on nine of the thirteen songs. Also features the Weeknd, SZA, Future, Jay Rock, and more. Soundtrack.

Music CD

 Both Sides of the Sky book jacket

Both Sides of the Sky by Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix's mastery of studio technology is put on display. Ten of the thirteen tracks featured here have never been released. The album is the third of a trilogy that includes 'Valleys of Neptune' and 'People, Hell and Angels'. These titles were compiled from recently opened archives.

Music CD

 Not If I Save You First book jacket

Not If I Save You First by Ally Carter

It’s been six years since Maddie’s dad, a former Secret Service agent, moved them to the Alaska, and during that time she hasn’t heard anything from her former best friend Logan, the President’s son. When Logan shows up at their cabin, Maddie is so angry she wants to kill him, but instead she finds herself braving the wilderness to save him a lethal mercenary. A fun and fast read by the author of the Gallagher Girls series.

Teen Fiction

 The Wicked Deep book jacket

The Wicked Deep by Shea Ernshaw

Two hundred years ago, the townspeople of Sparrow, Oregon declared the three Swan sisters to be witches, and sentenced them to death by drowning in the Pacific Ocean. Every June since, the spirits of the sisters have taken their revenge by inhabiting the bodies of local girls and using them to drag young men to a watery grave. 17-year-old Penny meets outsider Bo on the first day of “Swan Season” and vows to protect him from the murderous sisters. Great for readers who like their romances on the eerie side.

Teen Fiction

 I'll Be Your Blue Sky book jacket

I'll Be Your Blue Sky by Marisa de los Santos

A brief conversation with Edith, an elderly stranger, inspires Clare to make the life-changing decision to call off her wedding. Several weeks later, Clare is stunned to learn that Edith has passed away and left Clare her house along the Delaware shore. What Clare finds at Blue Sky House leads her to enlist the help of Dev, her first love, to piece together the remarkable story of Edith’s life. A book for readers who like their fiction warm, heartfelt, and unabashedly romantic.

Adult Fiction

 The Philospher's Flight book jacket

The Philospher's Flight by Tom Miller

In a world where empirical philosophers – almost all of whom are female – can work wonders by carving smoke and burning images in metal, Robert Weekes wants to fly like a girl. As World War I rages, he pursues his dream of becoming the first man to fly with the elite Rescue and Evacuation Corps. The opposition he faces personally soon takes a backseat to the dangers posed by the Trenchers, a violent faction who want to put an end to all philosophy for good. Fans of speculative fiction will love the detailed worldbuilding in this fantastical alternate history. Also available in: eBook and eAudiobook.

Adult Fiction

 Camp Austen: My Life as an Accidental Jane Austen Superfan book jacket

Camp Austen: My Life as an Accidental Jane Austen Superfan by Ted Scheinman

The son of a devoted Jane Austen scholar, Ted Scheinman spent his childhood eating Yorkshire pudding, singing in an Anglican choir, and watching Laurence Olivier as Mr. Darcy. Determined to leave his mother’s world behind, he nonetheless found himself in grad school organizing the first ever UNC-Chapel Hill Jane Austen Summer Camp, a weekend-long event that sits somewhere between an academic conference and superfan extravaganza. In “Camp Austen” Scheinman delivers a hilarious and poignant survey of one of the most enduring and passionate literary coteries in history – “Janeites” include the likes of Henry James and E.M. Forster and conferences devoted to Jane Austen can draw hundreds of attendees dressed as characters from her novels. Combining clandestine journalism with frank memoir, academic savvy with insider knowledge, Camp Austen is perhaps the most comprehensive study of Austen that can also be read in a single sitting.

Adult Nonfiction

 Indian Instant Pot Cooking: Traditional Indian Dishes Made Easy & Fast book jacket

Indian Instant Pot Cooking: Traditional Indian Dishes Made Easy & Fast by Urvashi Pitre

Tested and approved by librarian Gina, the “Indian Instant Pot Cookbook” combines the technique of pressure-cooking with classic Indian foods to give families an easier (and healthier) way of preparing authentic Indian meals. Join Urvashi Pitre, who is best known as the “Butter Chicken Lady,” as she shares how to create delicious Indian dishes of all types in the “Indian Instant Pot Cookbook.” Delivering a range of classic Indian recipes that anyone can create any night of the week, the “Indian Instant Pot Cookbook” offers: 50 Easy, Authentic Recipes that are ready in 60 min or less and require minimal ingredients; Tried and Tested Guidance from Indian cuisine experts and Instant Pot pros alike; Useful Tips for substituting ingredients and stocking your kitchen with the right tools and spices.

Adult Nonfiction

 3 Kings: Diddy, Dr. Dre, Jay-Z and Hip-Hop’s Multibillion Dollar Rise book jacket

3 Kings: Diddy, Dr. Dre, Jay-Z and Hip-Hop’s Multibillion Dollar Rise by Zack O’Malley Greenburg

Being successful musicians was simply never enough for the three kings of hip-hop. Diddy, Dr. Dre, and Jay-Z lifted themselves from childhood adversity into tycoon territory, amassing levels of fame and wealth that not only outshone all other contemporary hip-hop artists, but with a combined net worth of well over $2 billion made them the three richest American musicians, period. These men are the modern embodiment of the American Dream, but their stories as great thinkers and entrepreneurs have yet to be told in full. Based on a decade of reporting, and interviews with more than 100 sources including hip-hop pioneers Russell Simmons and Fab 5 Freddy; executives like former Def Jam chief Kevin Liles; and stars from Swizz Beatz to Shaquille O'Neal, “3 Kings” tells the fascinating story of the rise and rise of the three most influential musicians in America.

Adult Nonfiction

 Inglés para el trabajo: Cientos de ejercicios, expresionés y situaciones reales book jacket

Inglés para el trabajo: Cientos de ejercicios, expresionés y situaciones reales

Provides the basics for communicating in English in different occupations. Proporciona lo básico para comunicarse en inglés en diferentes ocupaciones.

Spanish Nonfiction

 200 preguntas para triunfar en una entrevista de trabajo: De utilidad tanto para candidatos como para entrevistadores book jacket

200 preguntas para triunfar en una entrevista de trabajo: De utilidad tanto para candidatos como para entrevistadores by Miguel Ángel Aguirre Sánchez

200 interview questions are presented in this book as well as how to successfully give an interview and conduct one. Se presentan 200 preguntas de entrevista en este libro, así como dar y realizar una entrevista exitosamente.

Spanish Nonfiction