Welcome to Florence – Firestone Everyday Heroes

The Florence – Firestone Neighborhood

The unincorporated area of Florence-Firestone located in South Los Angeles is a seriously disadvantaged community with a high number of families living in poverty (32%), with a large number of residents not in the labor force (50%).  Seven out of ten residents over 25 lack a high school education, a rate twice that of Los Angeles City and County of Los Angeles. Florence-Firestone also has one of the highest rates of crime and violence in the County of Los Angeles.  The general unrest in the area has generated local and national media coverage.

The Florence-Firestone Stories of Everyday Heroes project brings to light the accomplishments of everyday people that are making improvements to this community. These are people that have a connection to Florence-Firestone, whether they grew up there, live there, or work there. The County of Los Angeles Public Library, in partnership with the Florence-Firestone Community Leaders and the Florence-Firestone/Walnut Park Chamber of Commerce, is presenting these “everyday hero” stories through videos, photos, and narrative featured on the Florence-Firestone Stories of Everyday Heroes website. These stories demonstrate how everyday people are engaging in their community and making concrete, positive changes for the betterment of all.