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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Discover & Go?
Discover & Go is a partnership between the County of Los Angeles Public Library and Southern California museums and cultural institutions providing free passes to cultural attractions. Using your County Library card, you are able to reserve and print your Discover & Go pass to go to your favorite museum, or discover something new. You can browse by museum or by date. See a list of all of our museum partners.
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Do I have to live in Southern California to reserve a LA County Library Discover & Go pass?
Yes, only residents living in zip codes 90000 – 93599 can reserve a pass using a County Library card. You can use the Contra Costa County Public Library to reserve Discover & Go passes in Northern California. Both require California residency.
How many Discover & Go passes can I reserve?
You can have two active reservations at a time. For example, if you make a reservation for a visit next month and another reservation for a visit this Saturday, you can make a new reservation as soon as your Saturday visit is complete. Having two active reservations will block you from making additional bookings for future dates.
How many people can go with each Discover & Go pass?
It depends on the museum. Some family packs allow 4 people to attend. Please read the details of each museum to find out more.
How will I receive my Discover & Go passes?
Once you reserve your pass, you must print it out and take it with you on your visit. Please note: once you print the passes you cannot cancel them. They will remain on your account until the date of your reservation.
Can my child reserve a museum pass? Can I reserve museum tickets with my child's library card?
No, museum passes can only be reserved by an adult (18+) with a library card in good standing.
Are parking fees included?
It varies, each museum offers different discounts. Please read each individual museum description for more details.
How far in advance do I need to reserve museum tickets?
You can reserve a pass up to a day before you plan to visit, based on availability. You can view dates of availability up to 3 months in advance.
Is there a waiting list for tickets?
No, it is first come first served. If a pass is booked on the date you want, you must select a different date.
I didn't use the tickets for the date I reserved them, can I use them another day?
No, if you do not use them on the date reserved you will lose your pass. Please note some museums only allow you to reserve for their museum once a year. So do not print out the pass if you think you may not make it on that day. You can cancel it and free up your passes for another time.
Can I cancel an active Discover & Go reservation if I have not yet printed the pass?
Yes, you can cancel as long as you have not clicked on the “View/Print Pass” button and agreed to the warning. To cancel a pass, login to your Discover & Go account and click on “Cancel Pass” in the top menu. Click “Cancel” next to the museum you have reserved.
What do I need to bring with me the day of the museum visit?
Please bring with you the printed Discover & Go pass and a valid photo ID. The name on the pass and ID must match.
I am unable to login to Discover & Go.
Please contact your local County Library for assistance.
Is there a mobile version of Discover & Go?
Yes, you can reserve museum passes on your mobile phone. Please note some venues do not accept mobile passes. You may still be required to print out a paper pass. Valid photo ID is required for both mobile and paper passes.
Why can’t I see the Discover & Go "Print Pass" button on my iPad/iPad mini?
Currently, there's no way to print a pass from an iPad or iPad Mini, as the button does not show up. Use a computer to print out your pass. We're looking into this and will let you know as soon as it is updated!
Why is my favorite museum not on your list of partners? How can I get them to be a part of this program?
All southern California museums are encouraged to sign up and be a part of this program. If you know that your local museum would like to be a part of Discover & Go, please provide a contact person who we can share the information with and email us at

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